Styled By Glamour


Im Tasia-Monet , Tasia for short! I am a Libra, which explains my love for beauty & art. Im a fanatic for art, literature, music & FASHION! Besides living & breathing-- Fashion is almost everything to me. I am a Fashion Connoisseur, meaning that fashion is my expertise, I study it & I live it. I am an entrepreneur. I visualize the things I can do in my dreams. I plan on owning a Boutique in Paris, France in the near future with much hard work, also designing apparel & styling Celebrities for red carpet events, & million dollar shows. Currently I reside in Ohio, United States, I have worked as a stylist in New York at fashion shows, & I Style by appoinments. I am also a Fashion Merchandsier, researching trends & choosing merchandise for a womens exlcusive boutique. At 19 I am very proud of my accomplisments. If you like to turn heads & suprise the opponent, Im your girl. Your Fashion Connoisseur. I style for EVERYTHING-